Canadian Only Magazine is the fantastic feature and rave review section stemming from the Canadian Only website. Appreciating all this country has to offer, Canadian Only Magazine is a celebration and promotion of all that is truly Canadian.

How Canadian Only Magazine Features and Reviews are Written

If you have a truly Canadian product, provide a service, hold an event or manage a location in Canada that you want to tell the world about, you can invite us to write a feature or review about it. (If you’ve experienced something Canadian that you highly recommend us to review, contact us with the details.)

No money is exchanged. We arrange with the provider a means to determine a fair perspective. For example, the product or service may be given to us as a gift, we may be invited to attend the event or experience the location as a guest. The online review is written and published as a gift.

Where appropriate, we may provide a 1-page edited version of the feature or review that can be printed, framed and displayed.

The People Behind Canadian Only Magazine

Leslie at the officeLeslie Wilson is the “Founding Mother” of the Canadian Only website, an online directory of strictly hand-picked businesses based in Canada. A Winnipeg born true Canadian, she’s traversed this vast land of ours, living in 8 cities. She is now settled in the Okanagan. Leslie takes care of business, top to bottom. She makes the big decisions: hiring and purchasing.

Annie communicatingAnnie Zed (aka Zalezsak) is originally from Toronto. She has also lived and travelled Canada coast to coast (and beyond). She’s a writer, reviewer, artist and designer. Annie has keen senses with the ability to identify and bring attention to the beauty in everything.

We also have a very characterful temp that works with us every now and again. His name is Buddy Canuck. He has a passion for all things Canadian. Buddy has his own voice and distinct opinions promoting the things he loves most about Canada. No doubt you’ll be seeing him on these pages from time to time, too.

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